As you may know by now, planning a wedding isn’t exactly the most stress-free experience in life! Although the engagement portion of a relationship is exciting, sometimes all the to-dos can get in the way of enjoying that. This is why we strongly recommend that you work with a wedding planner or coordinator to help you ease some of that burden. The Keeler Property has our very own day-of coordinator, Janie Egan, on-site and available to assist you. She helps with everything from the rehearsal to the reception clean up.

“My greatest pleasure is making sure the couple has the least stressful day possible. Allowing us to assist will take so much pressure off the family and friends, allowing them to enjoy the day too while we take care of the day of ‘tasks.’ We have all too often had mothers and friends packing and cleaning for hours after the ceremony is over. We solve this problem.”

According to Janie, one great advantage in booking The Keeler Property is that it’s a palette ready for your own personal touch. However, the venue is so beautiful on its own, that classic, simple touches look splendid too.

Janie’s ‘Day-of Coordination Package’ includes:

  • Coordinating the rehearsal and the ceremony
  • Working with the vendors on arrival times and logistics
  • Assisting with the decorations for the ceremony and reception
  • Clean-up

She is also available to answer questions and make recommendations for services ranging from hair stylists to caterers.

Janie is also quite creative and will know what looks and works best at The Keeler Property. Her favorite part of the coordination process, other than the joy of the first official Mr. & Mrs. introduction, is the decorating! She just loves to ensure that every detail is in place so that your wedding day is as beautiful as possible!

To talk to Janie about your wedding day, call her at 904-708-0491 or email her at