We all know that music can turn an event from just another gathering to a ridiculously fun party! Some of the most memorable events that we’ve hosted here at The Keeler Property include fantastic DJs. Some of the most emotional moments of a wedding day happen on the dance floor. According to Colin Cowie, one of the big trends in events for 2016 is personalized music selections. This tells us that hiring a professional who can customize your event to fit your needs is really important. We recently asked Kevin at Party Solutions ENT a few questions about how music can affect your event, more specifically, your wedding day. Here is what he had to say.

What is the latest “trend” in wedding songs, music or dancing?

“The 1st dance mashup is becoming more and more popular. Trending 1st dance videos are popping up everywhere. We absolutely love creating a one of a kind, flawlessly mixed track for a bride and groom to rehearse, and then blow their guests away with their finished dance.”

What are some of your favorite “grand entrance” songs?

“I am impartial to the grand entrance song. I really look to the bride to give her feedback, and I then help direct toward a song with energy. It could be rock, hip hop, dance, anything with a driving beat. This spot in the wedding sets the tone; it gets the guests on their feet, clapping their hands to the beat and really getting excited for their entrance. Picking a song from each category: Enter Sandman by Metallica, Yeah by Usher, and Sandstorm by Darude.”

What is your favorite wedding song of all time?

“I am a sucker for the classics. A wedding DJ must cater to a huge age demographic of guests, and the new stuff just doesn’t get a rise out of the crowd like the old tunes do. My favorite song is tough, so I’m going to say genre – popular 80’s sing-a-longs such as Journey, Jovi, Outfield, Madonna, and Def Leppard. It gets such a rise out of the crowd; cutting the music and hearing 200 or more guests of all ages is such a great feeling. I know it’s a great night with this music set.”

Does a bride need a DJ for her ceremony?

“Your ceremony sets the tone and ambiance for the entire affair. We include a complimentary 30 minutes of music prior to the ceremony’s start time so your guests walk into an elegant atmosphere. Programming the processional music for the family, bridal party, and bride is a vital piece of the ceremony. Ensuring that the proper cue points are set and that the volume control is intimate are just a few of the key points that a DJ helps with during the ceremony. For guest counts that exceed 150, guests seated in the back row can be 100 feet from the altar – making it difficult to hear. A DJ will provide small lapel microphones that are used thru the PA to amplify your vows so that all of the guests feel like they are right up there with you. In summary, yes, a bride needs a DJ for her ceremony.”

If a bride wants something unique, and less traditional for her walk down the aisle, what songs do you suggest?

“I wish it was more unique, but I just love them so much; The Piano Guys are my absolute favorite. Their music is elegant and intimate; the combination of piano and cello sets the best ambiance for the ceremony. There are no vocals in their music so it won’t offend any family members looking for a more traditional ceremony. Their renditions of popular top-40 songs from Usher, Bruno Mars, One Direction, Adele, and John Legend add a new twist on your ceremony. Guests comment and ask, ‘Who sings this?’ all the time.”

What are the top three questions a couple should ask a DJ before hiring them?

  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • How many weddings will you do this year and have you done?
  • What separates you from the rest of the DJs in town?

You may not know the exact answer to these questions, but that’s OK! You want to hear precise and passionate response to your questions. A DJ should have conviction discussing his equipment and experience. You should know what you do not want to hear – the mentions of Youtube, Spotify or iTunes. Also that they have “two more weddings in 2016, and I did 7 last year,” or “I am cheaper than the other guys.”

Doesn’t Kevin offer some great advice? Working with true professionals guarantees that your event will have a more personal touch, along with safeguarding you from potential mishaps along the way!
If you want to get in touch with Kevin, give him a call at (904)503-4668 or head over to his website!